Anti Aging Skin Care Beauty Guide

We will tackle anti aging skin care beauty issues here to get you back that fresh-looking skin and beat the struggle against wrinkles, the dreaded "11" between your brows, laugh lines, crow's feet, or sagging skin.

top anti aging skin care beauty products

So what's new in the world of cosmetic science? What's up with retinol skin products? Is the fountain of youth in a popular top anti aging skin care cream?

Definitely not.  Although the right anti aging skin care products can help tremendously, it takes more than a beauty jar to totally beat skin dehydration.

The Top Anti Aging Skin Care Beauty Routine For YOU

Here's the real secret - YOUR forever skin care maintenance - to make you look like a movie star. ;-)

top anti aging skin care beauty diet
  • Avoid sunlight between 9am-4pm, still wear SPF 30 UVA/UVB sunscreen daily.
  • Stop smoking, 4,000 chemicals damage your collagen and elastin!
  • Exercise regularly to increase blood flow.
  • Eat food rich in omega-3 acids and antioxidants.  
  • Drink water often.
  • Avoid hot showers, it strips skin of moisture.
  • Sleep on your back! It will prevent skin creases on your face against the pillow.
  • Avoid alcohol and sugary foods. Of course, you can treat yourself once in a while. ;-)
  • Stop squinting.
  • Take multi-vitamin supplements daily, with Vitamins A, C and E.

Now, you ask… "What the heck is the right and best anti aging skin care beauty cream for me?" "How should I use retinol skin products correctly?" "What ingredients should I look for in the top anti aging skin care line?"

Retinol is undoubtedly the Holy Grail for fading wrinkles. Retinol skin products should be used three times a week to eliminate age spots and fine lines. A Vitamin A derivative, best used at night for optimum effectiveness.

Peptides, also known as Pentapeptides or Nanopeptides, are the next best thing for the top anti aging skin care beauty regimen - a form of linked amino acids to reduce wrinkles. They work to stimulate new collagen production to restore the skin's lost elasticity and suppleness.

Niacinamide is a Vitamin B3 derivative which functions to lighten dark spots resulting from aging (age spots), acne or sun damage. It inhibits melanin (the brown pigment under the skin that causes discoloration) to stop rising to the surface.

Avocado Skin Care

avocado skin care

Do you love avocados? Your skin does too! Because of its rich healthy fats, fiber and protein, it's so great to eat and apply on skin directly as well. So let's do the natural avocado skin care! Just mix the pulp with some coconut oil for a paste, and apply on face and neck overnight. It's the anti-aging bomb, GLAMmers!

Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful humectant (attracts moisture) to hydrate skin. It can keep your skin plump and young-looking, and keep your collagen synthesis at a higher level resisting fine lines and sagging skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells present in most facial or body cleansers. Hence, skin regeneration replaces the old skin layer. Your favorite anti wrinkle skin cream can then be better absorbed quickly, hence more effectively.

Vitamin C also plays an important role in antiaging skin care treatment - as an antioxidant and contributes to reducing age spots. Look for the more stable L-ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C among the top anti aging skin care products.  ;-)

The rules from the collective and top anti aging skin care beauty experts are consistent with the above recommendations - retinoid at night, moisturizer and sunscreen at daytime, makeup comes last, plus of course, the discipline of what-to-eat and what-not-to-do.

To sum it all up - the secret in keeping youthful skin forever is NOT entirely inside an anti wrinkle skin cream. 

The rest is all up to YOU. And avoid too much stress. Because when you're happy inside, your skin will show it too. ;-)