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Best Eyelash Growth Serum Yet?

A good question is what's the best eyelash growth serum or eyebrow hair growth solution for you? We promised to give you more information about GLAM4EYES Eyebrow /  Eyelash Booster so you can make an informed decision -

The smart know-what-you-buy GLAM way. ;)

best eyelash growth serumSay Goodbye To Eyelash Loss

There's an overabundance of claims nowadays on how to make eyelashes longer.  Normally you'd think that the most expensive is the most effective.

Nope, because ANY product may or may not work for you. And that goes for ours too. Results vary per individual because every one of us Is unique. That's the truth.  

GLAM4EYES may not be the best eyelash growth serum, but if you’re still searching because your eyebrows are falling out already, or you haven’t found what works well for your eyelash loss - the only thing you'll lose here is time!

Here's why GLAM4EYES serum is risk-free (and we're not even referring to our 100% money-back guarantee)!

And find out why our eyelash regrowth ingredients make a BIG difference over the others. 

The Magic In 10 Days

how to make eyelashes longer

HOW IT WORKS: GLAM4EYES is tested and proven to increase the volume and grow lashes in 10 days. No, you don't have to wait for 2 weeks. In 10 days, you will see a great improvement. It coats your lashes to help promote strand strength, volume and softness. You can really feel the natural healthy eyelashes grown from your own skin!

And if you give it a few more weeks (full results in 6-8 weeks), the full volume shows as gorgeous and robust lashes. How's that for the best eyelash growth serum!

GLAM4EYES formulation is based on intensive research from our FDA-approved laboratory. Our operation certified by GMP, FDA, ISO, and MSDS. making sure everything is hygienic , high quality, and made from government-approved ingredients. We do take our work seriously.

The Rest of the 'Best Eyelash Growth Serum' Recipe

When you apply GLAM4EYES eyelash booster on the roots of your lashes, the magic begins. Slowly, the powerful active ingredients are absorbed onto the lash follicles that nourish them. Same as the effects of castor oil but faster, GLAM4EYES eyelash loss solution conditions and also prevents eyelashes falling out and enhances eyebrow hair growth .

CRUELTY-FREE: And we love animals too! Our company is cruelty-free, so we made sure our products are never tested on animals.

3-MONTH SUPPLY FOR ONE BOTTLE: While we've seen a pricey $200 serum in a mere 2ml size, GLAM4EYES lash enhancer can be yours in a full 6ml bottle, that can last a long 3-month supply (if used on lashes alone). Heck, it's less than $9.99 a month in exchange for sultry, lush and long eyelashes.

Is GLAM4EYES good for sensitive skin? You betcha!  We are aware that our eyes are the most sensitive area of our body, so we used irritation-free ingredients.

However, as for any product, a negative reaction may occur for any type of skin. If this occurs, simply discontinue use. But for slight and temporary tingling sensation, that’s ok.

SIDE EFFECTS: Have you heard about lash serums that can change the color of your eyes? It happened before. But it was the bimatoprost (a prostaglandin analog) ingredient that caused the change of the eye pigmentation to brown color, and/or the iris turning darker. For the latter, it is reversible after you discontinue use. Other extreme side effects can be rashes, itchiness, or worse, dizziness based on some bad ingredients. If you encounter any of these, consult your physician.

The best eyelash growth serum contains NO PROSTAGLANDIN CONTENT OR BIMATOPROST (causing eye color change), CHLORPHENESIN (causes drowsiness or dizziness), or PARABEN (carcinogenic or cancer-causing). That's our product.

So... Are you ready to make GLAM4EYES your best eyelash growth serum today?

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