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Build muscles faster? How is it possible that Formafill can deliver great results... in the convenience of your home?

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Body Building Information - How Site Enhancement All Started

The term site enhancement has been always common in the cosmetic world when Botox and other dermal fillers are used for facial wrinkles, lip plumping, breast augmentation, etc. But in the early 1980s, the genesis of muscle site enhancement began with an injectable steroid drug producing mediocre results. Until the 1990s, the site enhancement oil was introduced, or more popularly known as "SEO". 

SEOs have become rampant in the bodybuilding market. Its main purpose is for temporary localized inflammation to create that increased muscle proportion. It was good in the beginning, until some users abused it by injecting more than sane quantities into their bodies. The result? A ridiculous, lagging, tumor-like body part. Worse, continued overuse have been documented to have disastrous effects on health. 

Thanks to Dr. Tony Huge, that now, there is a safer and better alternative.

Hyaluronic Acid To Build Muscles?

Did you know that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is already present in our bodies?

That's exactly why HA has taken the limelight in the cosmetic world because the body can easily tolerate it as a bioidentical substance. To the beauty savvy, HA is the holy grail of anti-aging, because it can retain over 1,000 times its weight in water - such is the perfect moisturizer, and dermal filler. 

So.. what has it got to do with SEOs?

The similarity? HA can replicate the effect of SEOs to build muscles, but with several more advantages:

  • - It's a LOT safer, rarely causes allergic reactions;
  • - Results are better and last much longer;
  • - BOTH the number and amount of applications are much lesser!

We don't wanna bore you with the lengthy scientific details of how HA's bountiful benefits work for you, but trust us, we practically summed up the best of the best above. 

For the record, HA does NOT literally "build muscles". It only exhibits results that produces a larger muscle proportion from its original size because of the localized inflammation caused by any site enhancement product. Body builders have known, accepted and acknowledged this phenomenon for decades now. The mention of building muscles on this site ONLY implies muscle site enhancement.

What We Believe

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with site enhancement. We totally support every person's unique quest for a better physique - whether that's for your face, skin, or body. YOU deserve to look AND feel better, because we all have only one life to live... and it is short. 

Love yourself right, as long as you don't abuse whatever can make you happy. 

Results vary per individual's unique response to the product. Glam4Deals will NOT be responsible for any misuse of Formafill.

Please see our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page. 

Body Building Information - How Formafill Works For YOU

Unlike SEOs, Formafill is water-based and NOT oil-based. The main ingredient which is HA (again, that's Hyaluronic Acid) has a longer binding effect once dispersed into the area to "build muscles".

The application is more comfortable and is less likely to create a lumpy deformed result. Better yet, you will not need too much of everything to reach your goal - less frequent applications, fewer application sites, and lesser product volume to consume.  

It is always best to find a central location on the application site to avoid targeting several areas. Formafill is self-dispersing (HA is a water carrier) once applied and this avoids getting a deformed or lagging muscle result. The HA binds into the muscle tissue, and will start to accumulate muscle volume through the increase in intracellular hydration. It does NOT work overnight, but you can start to see the results in as short as 2 days! 

The use of high- and  pharmaceutical-grade HA (absolutely not the same bought in stores) will assure its efficiency, ease of use and safety. The application of HA into the body, according to science, diminishes over time, for up to 2 years. This means, the best muscle site enhancement effect will depend on your responsible maintenance.

That is what innovative...  and safer muscle site enhancement should be about. 



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