COVID-19 Message To Our Customers

Together, we are all facing the current public health challenges of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Our hearts go out to anyone and everyone impacted by the virus, especially to the sick and the selfless health workers (a.k.a. "heroes") around the world.

During this truly unprecedented situation, we want to assure you, on behalf of the GLAM4DEALS Management and Support Team, that we are committed to supporting YOU - our valued customers, colleagues, families and communities around the globe - to assure the safety and well-being of the public where we live, work and serve.

We strictly adhere to our mission of providing trusted products and deals. Our team will continue to provide a safe workplace while we focus intensely on the health and protection of our employees who control product processing and shipping – yes, working from home. This enables us to continue serving our loyal customers during this extraordinary time.

We closely monitor the COVID-19 public health emergency protocols and implement the recommended sanitation guidelines of the CDC and WHO, such as additional hygiene/sanitation supplies and regular coaching/updating our employees on the latest updates of the COVID-19 situation.

For our loyal and committed customers who carry on their personal goals despite this challenging time, YOU are one of the reasons why we still do business to help you keep the glam and physique you’ve worked so hard for. Keep on bodybuilding, training, developing and growing.

YOU got this.

Like YOU, we will make it happen, and NOT give up. GLAM4DEALS and GLAM4BODY are fully operational, and can quickly respond to changing trade dynamics to minimize business disruptions.

Our company was founded based on these core values – trust, innovation and quality. For as long as YOU are there who believe in us, NO virus, or any other setback can stop us.

We join you in this global battle in the rough time ahead. Let’s all keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and safe.


This moment reminds us that we are all connected like never before. It inspires us to be our best selves – caring, understanding, and compassionate.

Just AMAZING on what we can all become.

We DO care. ♥ 

Stay well,

Maria Sam Garcia - CEO, Glam Spectrum

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