Eyelash Loss Prevention
And Lash Care Tips

Before we discuss how to make eyelashes longer, let's take a better look why eyelash loss is so prevalent in women. This should be interesting.

From these eyelash pictures, you can see the different lash thickness (or lack of it). Where do you belong?

eyelash pictures 1
eyelash pictures closed eye
eyelash pictures brown eyes

Eyelash Pictures

eyelash pictures blue eyes
eyelash pictures 2
eyelash pictures short eyelashes

How To Prevent Eyelash Loss

Mascara: Its instant magic makes you feel stunning! But do you take it off at bedtime? Did you know mascara can dry up your lashes? Its dyes and chemicals (avoid ethel alcohol, parabens and phthalate ingredients) can infect your eyes - which eventually can lead to eyelash loss. Worse, eye infection can kick in if you rub your eyes unconsciously often. Ok, here’s what you do. Washing is NOT enough. Take a cotton ball (one for each eye) moistened with olive oil and gently rub off remaining mascara. Oh and... did I say gently?  ;) Yeah. Take your time, your eye area is very sensitive so be careful.

Fake eyelashes: Oops, guilty here! Well, that was before. Because even the best fake eyelashes can harm you because of that glue - it's full of chemicals. It deteriorates the lash roots and might even take out a few of your real lashes. Using this often will come with a price that you don't wanna pay later on.

Eyelash curler: Ok... when was the last time you sanitized it? Aha! :P Your curler can be a breeding place for harmful bacteria. So do we need to say more?

Eyelash booster: Or conditioner. Coconut and castor oil can help boost lash health naturally. Apply thinly to lash roots at night and rinse in the morning. Although the results can take months, we consider it to be the best natural eyelash booster.

Brushing: And did you also know like our normal hair, you can brush your lashes too? Yep, it should be part of your beauty regimen. Take a cute little soft bristle mascara wand and brush your lashes gently with a few strokes once daily.

Go natural! Rest your lashes from mascara and fake eyelashes. This is one of the effective ways on how to make your eyelashes longer and stronger - by giving it a break. Plus eat food rich in Vitamins C,D, E and H to strengthen and avoid eyelashes falling out.

Lash dandruff? Ever heard of it? Sounds gross huh, but it just refers to flaking eyelids due to seborrheic dermatitis or allergy or bacteria inflammation. See an ophthalmologist if you're suffering from this.

Eyelash Booster

We believe that from a very sparse condition to the gifted ones, and especially to eyelashes falling out, we always aim to stimulate eyelash growth or more length. Solutions include an eyelash booster, the best eyelash growth serum out there, a great volumizing mascara, or the best fake eyelashes.

After all, our eyelashes can change the way our eyes look dramatically. And don't share your makeup with others. Not even with your mom or daughter! :)  Seriously.

Let us not forget - our precious eyelashes are not for adornment only. We just enhance them, but we miss to take care of them.

Remember, if your lashes feel good, YOU look better. :)