The Best Eyelash Regrowth Ingredients Revealed

Tadah! ;-) Glam4Eyes Eyelash Regrowth ingredients below represents our POTENT FORMULA of natural and organic ingredients so you can start to grow longer eyelashes in 10 days! It's not just a list - but a justification on why they deserve to be in our eyelash growth serum, in short, simple lingo that you'll understand.

It's kinda boring to read, we know.. but you need to learn what these things can do for YOU, right? So, come closer and read on.

The Eyelash Regrowth Ingredients That Make a Difference

eyelash regrowth ingredients
  • MYRISTOYL PENTAPEPTIDE-17 - This is the darling of our serum - the precious peptide that will grow longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows naturally and quickly. It is safe on skin, no side effects even on long term use. 
  • HEXAPEPTIDE - The other valued peptide for our eyelash booster. It is mainly used in anti-aging formulations, and acts as a skin protector to keep hair healthy and regenerative. 
  • MALUS DOMESTICA fruit cell culture extract- From the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple variety, this highly-regarded extract has a great longevity potential to keep and protect hair follicles from deteriorating. So lash and eyebrow hair growth WILL stay fuller, longer and rejuvenated for a long time. So... an apple a day, is how to make eyelashes longer AND grow thicker eyebrows. :P
  • PTEROCARPUS MARSUPIUM BARK EXTRACT - an Indian kino tree bark known for its various medicinal uses. This will help make the hair shiny, long and black. it aslo has antibacterial properties to reduce the risk of irritation. 
  • GLYCERINE- A naturally derived substance from vegetable oils and human skin. This is a common, safe and beneficial component for the eyelash regrowth ingredients. It has the ability to condition and soften hair during the process. 
  • HYDROLYZED STARCH PHOSPHATE - a form of starch that is paraben-free (paraben is now restrcted due to its carcinogenic properties) topical antibiotic. It's a naturally-derived sugar used in cosmetic products as a surfactant (reduces tension in liquids) and emulsifier (stabilizer). For lashes and brows, this helps to make hair velvety smooth.
  • POLYGLYCERYL-4 CAPRATE - safe skin conditioner agent made out of a compound with glycerine.
  • MANNITOL- A humectant used to preserve the product from dehydration, and as a moisturizing agent to prevent dryness of the skin.
  • PANTHENOL (D) - is a moisturizing nutrient from the B Vitamin that helps hair and skin manage any from of irritation like redness or roughness. 
  • GLUTAMIC ACID (L) -  An acid that possesses good skin compatibility. It stabilizes the pH level of the hair or skin and maintains moisture balance. 
  • XANTHAM GUM - A gelling, stabilizing, texturizer and carrier agent. This gum is an excellent sugar-based, natural thickener for emulsions. It allows a smoother application on cosmetic products. 
  • LECITHIN- A plant-derived extract from soybean, sunflower and canola seeds. it is an antioxidant and moisturizer for thin and brittle hair very common to eyebrows falling out. 
  • 1.2-HEXANEDIOL - A highly safe and effective (even used in baby products), and mild coupling agent  and humectants that attracts moisture. Effective in reducing irritation. 
  • CAPRYLYL GLYCOL - A substance that comes from coconut, that nourishes like what coconut amazingly does for hair. Also serves as a preservative and exhibits some antimicrobial activity as well. 
  • SODIUM CHLORIDE - A popular natural ingredient used as a preservative, astringent and antiseptic in cosmetics and personal care products. 
  • DISODIUM SUCCINATE - It can provide an antioxidant and regenerative effects on hair and skin, and stimulates the metabolic process for QUICKER RESULTS. 
  • TROPOLONE- Mainly used as a bactericidal antibiotic for skin protection, plus some benefits in hair conditioning. 
  • PHENOXYETHANOL- A pH-balanced ingredient that is safe, stable and effective preservative. 
  • PHYTIC ACID - One of the gentlest of the acids which is great for those with sensitive skin. It will defend against sun damage while keeping your eyelids from hyperpigmentation. Also a controller of sebum and moisturizer as well. 

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