FormaFill Review 
A Customer Story Highlight 

A FormaFill review / testimonial was submitted to us by Scott T. -  our no. 1 fan! We just can't get enough of his love for our best-selling product, so we thought of featuring his genuine and honest review of FormaFill on this site. 

So Scott, if you're reading this... YOU are one of the reasons why we do what we do. 

A FormaFill Review
by Scott T.

After several years of intense bodybuilding I knew it was time to address my weak points with site enhancement injections.  But there was a big problem. The only thing available was oil! Synthol, which is known for two things...migrating to other areas and...making your muscles look like bags of oil. If you haven’t seen the pictures Google them. Yuck I’ve worked too hard to want to look like that! But there was no alternative.

UNTIL NOW! When I discovered Formafill!

I started to read about it and watched videos of Dr. Tony Huge, who I love for his honesty. I waited for the catch, right? Like we all do. But the more I found out, the better the news I got! 

Formafill is a Hyaluronic based product, not oil. Hyaluronic acid is used in almost ever beauty and skin product in the world...and for good reason, It Works! I encourage you to read more about Hyaluronic Acid.

It’s a naturally occurring substance already found in our bodies. Over time HA as it’s called, diminishes as we age.  Our skin wrinkles and our muscles deteriorate, in part from the decreasing levels of HA. The news about HA, which is what Formafill is, just kept getting better. There isn’t the migration issues as with oil. It stays put. I read on every medical site I visited that a molecule of HA will attach to thousands of blood and water molecules and increase muscle volume immensely and quickly. The prescription form of HA, not Formafill, is  being used by cosmetic surgeons every day because it’s safe and it works! It’s used for wrinkles and muscle deficiencies and in the glutes to give a more muscular and round appearance. I encourage you to get educated and look into it as I did.

So side effects right? Of course we are concerned about side effects. As lifters, body builders and competitive body builders we question what we use and how much of it we should take. HA isn’t a foreign substance to the body like oil and other things. It is naturally occurring in our bodies. I personally feel that of everything I’ve used to gain muscle, HA is actually good for me! In 6 months I have had no concerning side effects at all. Again, read about it for yourself.

But... here is what I really want to tell you. My results! And they amaze me! My greatest weakness was shoulders and biceps, two of the most necessary muscles for competition.  My front  shoulders had nerve damage from injuries and my left one was literally an indentation. The right one was the size of a thin magic marker.  It's tough to win like that or even look good.

But Formafill is the great equalizer. My front shoulders are now the size of mid sized sweet potatoes. I love food analogies. So from indentation and magic marker to sweet potatoes in 6 months. My biceps now measure 2 plus  inches wider. My over all arm size brought me from 18 plus to OVER 20 inches. And talk about noticeable. The difference between an 18 inch arm which lots of guys have and going on a 21 inch arm is ridiculous.  

Everyone in my circle is stunned at the change and they literally laugh in amazement. Strangers just stare, it’s a riot. And Worth it? If you are like me and work insanely hard to get big, it’s a thousand “Yeses”. Seriously this will blow your mind! You literally watch your muscles grown before your eyes, and the pump is ridiculous. There is no way to describe it. How about a pump 10 times greater than the best you’ve ever experienced. That is no exaggeration. I would look down at my arms while training and laugh! Those aren’t my arms they belong to someone much bigger. Look again it is me. Incredible, and the muscle looks great, nothing abnormal like synthol.

I’m on a fixed income but once I tried Formafill I knew I wanted to keep going and just consider it a monthly cost for now. So I took a job delivering food at night to afford it because that’s what I’ll do to get the size I’ve always wanted! What will you do to get results like this!

I’m no doctor and none of this is medical advice as Arnold would say! These are my results and experiences only. And I’m thrilled out of my mind with them.

And I bet you will be too!


Scott T (Minnesota Body Building plus 50 Champion and other stuff)

From Glam4Deals: Thank you, Scott, for a true heartfelt FormaFill review. We wish you continued success in your bodybuilding goals. All the best!