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FORMAFILL is the bodybuilder's dream!

The perfect muscle site enhancement, if you wanted to build bigger chest or arm muscles,  Also works for your biceps, deltoids, calves and glutes! In a formulation paralleled with the best, pure, potent, and high-grade pharmaceutical ingredients that Glam4Deals will always be proud of.

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Now available at Glam4Deals, super best sellers FORMAFILL and B12+RUSH, are on sale prices below. FORMAFILL is formulated with Compressed Pharma Grade Large Particle Size Hyaluronic Acid Cross-linked Skin Hydrator - great for chest muscle building or any muscle site enhancement.  B12  comprises of MethylCobalamin, ATP, ADP, ATP Biological Activator for superb energy and health improvement.

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FORMAFILL - 1 bottle

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Formafill for chest muscle building

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FORMAFILL - 3 pack


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Formafill for chest muscle building, arm muscle

FORMAFILL - 5 pack


30ml each   $409.95

For the body building buffs who are familiar with these products from Dr. Tony Huge, YOU know these REALLY WORK. Save your time, money and energy looking around for options, because this is the real deal.  No other short cuts. If you are skeptical, discover more about FormaFill here, and how much safer it is compared to oil-based site enhancement potions out there.

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