Our Story

We both dreamed of entrepreneurship, and support women empowerment, with a unique vision. Something that would make a BIG difference in the global world of shopping.

The story of GLAM4DEALS, is a touching story of true friendship.   

Before Glam4Deals was even conceptualized, two long-lost friends have been in sync in heart and mind unbeknownst to each other. Weird huh? But true! Thanks to technology and after an overdue communication finally had us in contact with each other, we started our mission.

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IT WAS THE SAME DREAM - a business that will be motivated by love for family, and impart inspiration, genuine trust and care for our customersTwo individuals with one passion to make people happy, and two hearts that care.

Are we too good to be true? You better believe it!

And to make the story short... GLAM4DEALS was born.

The GLAM Team

Glam4Deals CEO

We are Sam and Tess. We are not related (but definitely can relate!) and are sisters in heart. 

Sam (on left) is the "Little Sis" - a single mom with 2 beautiful boys, fashionista, sassy and creative personality.

And oh boy, she loves to talk!  :P

Tess (on right) is the "Big Sis" – mom of 3 grown-up kids, the little architect who put things together, and the listener. ;)

Glam4Deals CFO

We are your heart and soul for this website.  Together with our precious customer-oriented crew, we built this to change the course of the shopping world. 

We made our site out of an intelligent platform at par with world-changing technology to optimize your shopping experience.  We built our site to gain YOUR trust and give YOU value. No more shopping nightmares like fake products, poor customer service, misleading advertising, scam sites, useless or lack of information, etc.

Here at GLAM4DEALS, 

  • YOU will only find true, accurate and FREE information (just facts, no fluff) about the best deals of UNIQUE and genuine products to educate you before spending your hard-earned money. We did ALL the research for you.
  • YOU will only get safe  / authentic / legitimate products.
  • YOU will be amazed with our "You will sit with us" kinda treatment.
  • YOU will have fun! 

Do you love GLAMour? We also do! We're all about GLAM. But not on the vain side of it.Our main goal is to make YOU exceptionally lovely, adorable and happy... IN and OUT!

Glam4deals story

Enough said. That's our story. Through this site from hereon, YOU will be a part of our story too.  ❤️️

To humbly serve you,

Your GLAM Sisters,
Sam and Tess

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