Dr. Tony Huge
BodyBuilding's Iron Man

Dr. Tony Huge

Dr. Tony Huge gave up his career as a former lawyer to pursue his calling - to empower the people about the true science behind bodybuilding enhancements and human longevity. For the fitness enthusiasts, this is an eye-opener.

His real name is Anthony Hughes, but after his rise to fame over the last few years, people tagged him as Dr. Tony Huge due to his extensive and revolutionary knowledge about the biology, body chemistry, science of human performance, and biohacking secrets of the pharma business.

Along his journey to discover the secrets to bodybuilding enhancements, Dr. Tony Huge has traveled around the world meeting renowned bodybuilders, and experimented on himself so he could change other people's lives. But in the middle of all these, he also found out about the lies and fraud on how drugs and supplements are handled by the pharmaceutical industry. Instead of simply accepting reality, Dr. Tony Huge committed himself to spreading the truth to the world.

In his own words he said, "I want to break the taboos in the fitness industry!"

Did you know that Dr. Tony Huge's passion for bodybuilding started when he was only 12 years old? His young girlfriend at the time wanted him to have some "6-pack abs". Well... the rest is history.

Dr. Tony Huge - Raw, Real, Revolutionary

And to make him more intriguing and controversial, he claims he knew there's a cure for serious diseases like cancer and diabetes that were kept from the public. He also wants to open people's awareness on the healthful and essential benefits of steroids if used properly to improve the quality of life - and he is set to prove this strongly.

What's impressive with Dr. Tony Huge is his honesty and sincerity to change people's lives, despite the obstacles he faces to prove the results of true science. Yes, he sells products for bodybuilding enhancements because he is an entrepreneur too. But he also uses this as a tool to open people's minds to the forbidden truths. He believes the people should be educated enough through acquired knowledge to make their own decisions freely.

In his private moments, Dr. Tony Huge loves to spend time with family, where he gets full support for his endeavors. He believes healthy personal relationships are behind any successful venture. 

On the business side, Dr. Tony Huge has gained the respect of the fitness industry. He eats, sleeps, and breathes the world of bodybuilding. Especially with Formafill, his cutting-edge products are formulated from authentic first-class high grade pharmaceutical ingredients - just as he would want it for himself.

Though a human with a soft heart, Dr. Tony Huge is an IRON MAN to empower people with the right knowledge and education. 

Now... we ask you - how far will you go to enhance your body or your life? Will it make you feel great, better, free… and HAPPY?

If you answered YES to the above question, then it's all worth it. ;-)


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